Established in 1996, Pytheas is an organization with global outlook and reach, offering a wide range of sophisticated financial services to companies, governments, institutions, and individuals.

Considered as one of the world's premier organizations in providing access to emerging financial markets and economies in transition, Pytheas services range from advising on corporate strategy and structure to raising equity and debt capital and managing complex investment portfolios.

Pytheas' investment banking capabilities are among the best in the industry, offering a wide range of investment products and solutions; the breadth and quality of Pytheas' fundamental research and strategic advice, combined with its in-depth industry knowledge and geographic specialization, offer investor clients a wealth of information to evaluate and prioritize their investment decisions.

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Soil, Water & Life Solutions (SWLS) of Pytheas covers all aspects of water, land and soil management, i.e. water engineering and water resources management including, water supply and mitigation, hydrological risk assessment, water sensitive urban design, mine water management, desalination, low-volume irrigation.

Soil properties and management, farm systems designs, tillage management, crop management, land reclamation and improvement, environmental management, waste management, etc. Also, alternative energy sources, i.e. solar, wind power, geothermal, tides, hydroelectric, biodiesel, ethanol, hybrids.

Along with Pytheas Equity Finance, SWLS invests and co-invests in more or less the whole spectrum of the environmental sustainability sector.

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Pytheas Equity Finance, invests in private equity funds, co-invests in direct investments, and provides liquidity and capital solutions to valued partners. Recognising that investors/partners have unique investment objectives and needs, Pytheas is committed to closely working with each of its partners to provide exceptional service and results.

Pytheas via Pytheas Equity Finance provides working capital to a target company to nurture expansion, new product development, or restructuring of a company¹s operations, management, or ownership. Pytheas invests in exchange for an equity stake in the business; return is dependent on the growth and profitability of the business. Pytheas looks for the rare, yet sought after, qualities, such as innovative technology, potential for rapid growth, a well-developed business model, an impressive management team.

The strength of Pytheas Equity Finance ensures that its valued clients and potential partners have access to finance professionals of the highest quality with the broadest experience, with a unique global vision of business and investing that is at the same time local, able to tap into the vast expertise of Pytheas' global network. Relevant link:

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Pytheas Solar Credit was established to providing a range of financing options and schemes to its valued clients and those of its solar energy companies – Klarmodul Energie, Photinus and Merl1928. Tailored-made to the Client’s needs these financing options are available for anywhere in the globe. Depending whether the Client is a corporate, the state or a private individual, financing options can be applied over a term of 7 to 12 years or more. If an individual or small business, the financing options are usually in the form of a finance lease (on balance sheet), an operating lease (off balance sheet) or other. These leases can be set up so the income and savings from the Feed-in Tariff cover the payments over the term. At the end of the lease, the Client receives the income for the remainder of the Feed-in Tariff period. If a state or a corporate, those are looked at on a case-by-case basis. As Pytheas and Pytheas Solar Credit are consciously seeking to support and promote the Sustainable Development Industry, it is important to highlight that these financing options are at preferential rates and terms.