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At photinus our primary focus is to provide a reliable light source with the best distribution of light, a photinus solar lights, for any place of the world. It is our goal to produce solar lamps which are ecologically friendly, offer incomparable flexibility, can be quickly installed, and can be operated with minimal environmental  impact by utilizing free energy.

We do not see ourselves in competition with traditional electric-powered street lamps but rather as a valuable complement. In those places where, out of necessity or practicality, electric lighting is not an option, either because it would be too expensive or impossible to install, photinus solar lights provide the perfect alternative. 

Important solar project
in Poland


Our sales partner has achieved a nice project in Poland.

They managed to convince representatives of a big residential area of the photinus solar lights.

Up to now a total of 14 mains operated lights have been replaced by merkur300 solar lamps.

Inhabitants that have initially been skeptical are now thrilled by the brightness and design of this new, power-saving lighting.

Meanwhile this showcase project has been attracting prospective customers from the whole region to inspect it.

Hence, this project is of great importance, because more and more decision makers prefer photinus solar lights over net-engaged lights as a more ideal alternative for upcoming light exchanges.