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The photinus solar lights draw on more than 10 years of experience in both development and production. Each individual light has undergone ist own development process over many years and is impressive richt down to the last detail with high quality.

In sales and marketing, we focus on high quality and work together with our capable partners and consultants in select countries. Every project has its realities and requirements which must be taken into account, in particular in the installation of solar lights. Advisory service to our customers is therefore very important to us.

Exciting new project - Holmenkollen Ski Jump

photinus solar lights installed at Holmenkollen in Oslo

With the "Holmenkollen" project, photinus was able to take part in another prestigious project.

The new merkur300 solar lights are now in use at the world renowned Holmenkollen ski jump.

For photinus, this is another confirmation that the decision to be involved in exceptional ventures and innovative solutions as a project partner is the right one.

With an expanded product line, stunning design, and the newest technology, the customer’s every wish can be fulfilled.

The world renowned Holmenkollen ski jump is located on a mountainside in Oslo and is considered to be the oldest ski jump in the world.

Project Partner/Photos: www.naturgarden.no